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Townsend's ChipmunkMarmot Family, Paradise Mt. RainierWhistler, Pica, BCHuckleberry Delight, Townsend's ChipmunkPatriarch, Great Horned SheepDoe, Black-tailed DeerBlue Darner, DragonflyMorning Stroll , Many Glaciers, MTNorthern Blue, ButterflyWestern Meadow Fritillary, Butterfly, Mt. RainierGreat Horned Sheep, MontanaDouglas Squirrel, Hoh River, Olympic NPSibs, Coyotes, MontanaKit Raccoon, Seabeck WASpotted Dragon FlyBull MooseSwallowtail ButterfulyBlack Bear Vancouver IslandBlack Bear and HuckleberriesYearly Black Bear and Crabs