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jennifer Linda(non-registered)
Bird Woman(non-registered)
Jan, this was a magical tour of my favorite places, in a way I haven't seen them before. The lighting is so beautiful, and you were there when the fog/ice/sunset/shadows/mist were mesmerizing. My daughter and I smiled at each image, knowing where you might have been standing when you clicked each shot. And don't even get me going on the bird photos... Thank you! BW
Arnie M(non-registered)
I love those shots of them skidding in with their big feet! That's got to be fun!
They know you love them!
Mike You(non-registered)
Hello Jan I love your site and your photography. I thought I would take a look and I am glad that I did.

Mike Young
Cathy Farrar(non-registered)
Vivid, clear, sharp, beauty, special vision.
Katherine B.(non-registered)
Jan, you have such a gift for capturing magical moments, especially in nature. I'm delighted by your work!
Denise M.(non-registered)
There you are! I love it. Can't wait to see this grow and grow, as I know it will. Hope the lens had a great weekend!
Debbie Strong(non-registered)
Beautiful site! I am looking forward to seeing more!
Thomas M(non-registered)
Wonderful vision Jan.
Your gift of framing images, color, light reminds me of how much beauty I miss seeing by not staying awake and aware of it all around me each day!
Thanks for sharing with us, Keep it up.
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